Thank you very much for your interest in Hannah House.

After months of discussion and review of community needs and current services, the Board of Directors of Hannah House decided not to resume programs in 2014 but rather to dissolve the organization and distribute remaining funds to one or more charitable organizations that continue to support services to pregnant teens and young families.

The need for services to pregnant teens and young families has certainly not disappeared but rather changed and requires a different way of providing services. The good news is that the number of pregnancies among teens has declined over the past twenty years so there are fewer pregnant teens in need of housing. At the same time, state policies have shifted from supporting group homes like Hannah House to a preference for placements in foster care within the teen’s community. Likewise, outreach and childcare services are best provided within the young parent’s home community.

We are proud of the outstanding services provided to hundreds of teens and young families since 1986 thanks to strong community support. We look forward to continuing the mission by directing funds to our partner organizations.